I'm very happy to be part in Grovemade artist series. Now you can buy my "Wild Things" iPhone case engraved, available in 3 different colors. Buy now online!!
Grove is a design collective based in Portland, OR that is dedicated to creating products that bring art into your everyday life. Their first product is a bamboo iPhone case engraved with designs from their artist series or a custom design of your choosing. Clever packaging is made from bamboo left over from the carving process and is intended to be used as a picture frame after un-boxing.
This case is featured in Graphics Alive2 by Victionary. It’s a diverse collection of design projects ranging from iphone cases to architecture. 
Graphics Alive2 surveys a wide spectrum of projects encompassing all design discipline. Contributors include: Chillichilly, eBoy, fuseproject, House Industries, Happyloverstown, Jeremyville, Kanardo, Klaus Hap paniemi, Naughtyfish, Rinzen, Viagrafik, Zedz and many more.
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