x Grove Artist Series
After six months of prototyping, Grove is pleased to announce the release of two new iPad2 accessories to join their existing line of hand crafted bamboo iPhone4 cases. The first option, a hard back case, merges a bamboo back and a customizable leather smart cover and is now available for pre​​order. The second, an engraved bamboo iPad skin, ad heres to the back of the iPad providing protection and style, and is avalaible now

This is my art made with my
Complex World project. Enjoy it!
The cover is made of American vegetable tanned leather and incorporates magnets which automatically wake the iPad 2 when it is opened and puts it to sleep when closed. Panels of bamboo veneer give the leather cover structure and allow you to prop the iPad 2 up for typing or viewing. The cover has a soft Ultrasuede lining to help keep the iPad's screen clean and free of fingerprints. 
Featured in WeAr Global Magazine issuen°27 / 2011. It's the leading global fashion trade and trend magazine.
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