Absolut x Forgotten x Idro51

This is my recent collaboration with Forgotten (street art project from Rome) x Absolut Symposium 2017 in Turin during the Club to Club (avangarde music festival) promoted by Absolut Vodka Italy. The event was hosted in the glamorous AC Hotel by Marriot where was located 4 secret room, one of these is called Forgotten Room to celebrate the vision “Create a better tomorrow tonight!” with art as well graffiti and street art. In three days i painted and tagged 3 transparent panels and played with lights effect and shadow creating a virtual 3d experience using my #fluidvision research from walls to digital art. The art of tagging is the fundamental of writing culture, where vandalism and politic are not part of the message, it’s a way to express yourself with your name or puppet or symbol as well without permission like the high expression in the Graffiti Art. So this is my tribute to the street and a message for everyone to go beyond the etiquette and stop considering tag vandalism! More info via > www.absolut.com/it/news/events/absolut-symposium/ 
> www.forgottenproject.it > www.clubtoclub.it/it/venue/absolut-symposium/

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